This guide explains how to download Office 365 for a student but works the same for an employee. Just replace "Stu-Email" with "WebMail" and employee account instead of student account.

1. Enter your username

  • For Students: the username will be your Student A#. 
  • For Employees: the username will be your Employee ThirdParty ID.


2. Your initial Password is your six digit birthday (MMDDYY)

  • *NOTE: June 16, 1984 would be 061684
  • *NOTE: For employees, the password will be set by Technical Support.
  • If you have never logged in and set up your security questions, you will not be able to use the User Self Service.
  • If you are logging into your email through an app or other method, the password will be the same as your myGCSC password.
  • For password assistance, please call the GCSC Help Desk at 850-913-3303

3. One Time Passcode

  • A One Time Passcode will be sent to the phone number you have setup.
  • Enter the six digit passcode and click Continue
  • Old Phone Number: If you have an old number listed, please call the GCSC Help Desk at 850-913-3303

4. Welcome to myGCSC

  • Select the "Stu-Email" Tile 
  • Student Email is Single Sign On, you will automatically log into your student email account. 
  • If you are logging into your email through an app or other method, the password will be the same as your myGCSC password.

5. App Launcher

  • Select "App Launcher" in the top left of the email page. This is the 9 dot symbol at the top left of your email page.
  • A pop-up menu will open. 

6. Office 365

  • Select "Office 365" in the App Launcher

7. Install Office

  • Select "Install Office", this will open a selection menu. 
  • From this menu select "Office365 apps". The version available through the school only allows Office as a whole to be downloaded, specific apps can not be downloaded separately.
  • This will start the download for Office365. A bar will come up on the bottom of the screen showing the process as this is happening. When the download says finished click "Run".
  • A text box will come up asking if you would like Microsoft Office365 to make changes to your computer, select "Yes". Your computer may ask at this time for administrator rights and prompt for a password. This will be the password for the main user (or Admin) of the computer. 

8. Activate Office

  • When the install is done launch the "Office" app. If a desktop shortcut was not made use the search bar on your computer and type in "Office" to find it.
  • After it is opened it will ask for you to Activate Office, this will be your whole student email. For example, "". Then enter your password.  

Students Enrollment Services 850.872.3892
Education Encore Corporate College Office 850.872.3823
Employees Human Resources 850.769.1551 x3569
Technical Assistance Technical Support Desk 850.913.3303