Global Navigation Tabs – Left Side

A. Account –

1. Settings – Right side of the screen - Add additional email addresses or text contact

*Important - star the email address you want to be primary.

2. Notifications – you set this for your own account.  Notifications apply to all courses – cannot change notifications for individual courses.  Notifications include items such as, course activities, discussions, and others.  There are four options for how you want to receive notices:
2) Daily
3) Weekly
4) Not at all

B. Dashboard – the first thing you see when you log in to Canvas and shows an overview of all activity.  The Dashboard will help you see what is happening in all your courses and allows you to figure out what to do next.  There are two options to view, either a course with icons or the “Recent Activity” list. 

1) Recent Activity contains a stream of recent notifications from all your courses, including announcements, discussions, assignments, and conversations.  Activities are indicated by activity type and display an icon for the activity.  New or unread activities are shown by the blue indicator dot.  Recent Activity items remain for four weeks.  You can view details of each activity by clicking on the “Show More” link.

On the Sidebar – there are three sections

2) To Do – shows assignments or events that need attention now.  Items remain in this section for two weeks.

3) Coming Up – shows assignments and events coming due in the next 7 days

4) Recent Feedback – shows assignments with feedback from your instructor

Note:  To return to the Dashboard at any time, click on the GCSC logo in the Global Navigation



C. Courses – Click on “Courses” – A list of all your courses will show up.  Below that will be “All Courses”.  Courses must be “starred” to show up here.

If you click on “All Courses” – there will be a listing of all your courses.  Any course you want to show up on the Course Drop Down Bar must be starred.  If it is not starred, the star will be greyed out.

Courses available to you will be in blue text. Courses within the current term dates but not yet available to you are in gray text and include an “unpublished” note or tag.

Courses are always listed alphabetically

Click on the course you want and it takes you to the course home page which is set by the instructor.

D. Calendar – can view everything to do for all courses in one place by week or month. Month view is the default.

ü Can add a new event by clicking on the + sign

ü Can edit an event by clicking on the event

ü Undated items are listed on the right

ü There are different icons for different items, such as assignment, discussion, quiz, etc.  Notice once you complete an item it is marked through on the calendar.

E. Inbox – where all new notifications will show, based on your notification preferences.

F. Help – search the Canvas Guides, videos, FAQ’s, chat with Canvas support, report a problem, GCSC Library, Canvas support hotline

For additional information about how to use Canvas, Please Click Here Canvas Support.