Courses – Click the course you want to work in and you will go to the course home page.  Remember the course home page is set by the instructor.  Most home pages will include the Course Syllabus, probably a link that says “start here” or “open me first”

1) Along the left side of the home page will be the links available to you in the course.  This will vary by instructor.  Only links that are live will show up.  Examples are:

Announcements, Assignments, Discussion, Grades, Syllabus, Pages, Quizzes, Modules, Lockdown Browser, and others.

2) To Do

3) Recent Feedback

4) Center are listed your assignments with the syllabus, first.

Announcements – This is where your instructor will post all announcements. You may or may not be able to reply to the instructor.

Assignments – This page shows all assignments due within the course.   Can be organized by date or type.  This one is organized by date.

Assignments are things that you turn in, like a word document.  Quizzes are anything taken and graded on the computer, like exams, finals, etc.

Discussions – All discussions will be listed here.  This will be a little different than Angel.  A student would reply to the instructor to start the discussion and then reply to other students as instructed.  The student may not see any responses until their reply is posted.  

Grades – Sorted chronological by assignment due date then assignments with no due dates.

There are several icons on the grade page.  You can hover over those icons and it will show what the icon means.

Quizzes – list all the quizzes with your course. Shows you whether the quiz is open or closed, due date, total points and how many questions.

Modules – shows everything for your course by Modules if your instructor has set the course up this way.  Examples:  Introduction, Week 1, Week 2, etc. or Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. or Unit 1, Unit 2, etc.

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